For an incredible new experience, sign up for a Try Dive with Mid Herts Divers today and take your first step towards the diving adventure you've always dreamed of!

A BSAC Try Dive is the perfect introduction to scuba diving and so if you've always wanted to learn, would like to test out the water before you go on holiday or are just curious, then a Try Dive is for you.

Come along and you can take part in a scuba taster session at our swimming pool where you will experience the unique sensation of breathing underwater for the very first time. And with a BSAC Try Dive, you'll be taken through your paces by some of the friendliest divers around.

Almost anyone, from the age of 12 can learn to dive with BSAC. And to help them get started, a Try Dive will provide them with a lesson with a qualified BSAC instructor, including poolside tuition on diving technique and equipment, followed by scuba diving in the pool.

You will also find out more about how you can carry on learning to dive with BSAC - the largest & friendliest dive club in the world.

To arrange a Try Dive session, just contact Clive Murphy on 01438 716 411 or e-mail for more information.

Register for a Try Dive with Mid Herts Divers today
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