For the second year running we had to cancel the trip we had planned to go to Malta due to the ongoing COVID saga. Well, we could have chanced it but the worry was we would pay for the flights and commit and then Malta would get added to the red list.
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So we played it safe and Simon put in a huge effort to secure us a week of diving closer to home. After looking at various options around the UK, we were lucky enough to secure a boat and accommodation near Milford Haven.

There was a slight issue with the boat we had scheduled due to the guy double booking us, so we had to swap to a different boat for a few of the dives, which did mean lugging all the kit on and off the boats a few times. Apart from that, everything went really well and was a great trip.

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We managed to find some nice places to eat for our evening meals, and the bunkhouse we stayed in was very spacious and comfortable. 

For the diving, we hit some of the popular scencic sites including Stack Rocks and Hen & Chicks but the best dives were on the wrecks. These included the Dead Eye, Faraday, Dekotian, Thor and my personal favourite the Behar. The viz wasn't amazing but was around 3-4m and still got to see some great wreckage and sea life.