We arranged the dive to get Paul & Oscar to complete their sea dives for the Ocean Diver course. 

For those arriving early, we managed to park on the pier and then decided to divert for a sneaky breakfast in the nearest greasy spoon. We booked the day as this was a neap tide weekend so we had a dip under the pier in the morning and then took the shuttle out to a drift dive on the Peverill Ledges off Swanage Bay on board Mary Jo.

We were just after low water under the pier, improving visibility on the flood tide but a bit difficult getting out by the concrete steps. Lots of different plant life and a few different fish seen but still a bit of early summer plankton bloom.

After lunch we boarded the Mary Jo shuttle to be greeted not only by the skipper but also by the skipper's dog Loki, an Alsatian with unusual light sandy colouring. Funny to watch Loki pacing round the comfortable central dive equipment seating area and even funnier for Paul as he came up the diver lift to stare face to face with Loki only a few inches away when the diver lift got to deck level. Drift dive on the Ledges was good at about 2 knots and a really good experience for those experiencing this for the first time. 

An ice-cream before we set off and a good run home finished a great day out. Looking forward to diving Swanage again on 15/16 May and diving the Kyarra! 

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