The spring warm up was more like the spring chilly up, but we had a great time nonetheless!

We arrived at Stoney just after 8am and it was clear by the large number of vehicles already in the car park, COVID19 hasn’t put anyone off their diving. It rained for most, if not all of the time we were there, but we were there to get wet anyway, so we donned our drysuits, setup our kit and huddled round for the briefing.

Most of us were there to shake off the cobwebs we collected over the winter break, however there was some training to complete and by the end of the day, the club had three newly qualified sports divers.

Well done to Paul Barker, Nikolay Manchev and of course I can’t forget to mention myself, Russell Bruton.

And if that wasn’t enough, Richard has just completed dive 200 and 201. Go Richard! Peter topped off the day with some home made cakes his wife very kindly made for us. Very tasty indeed.

What did I/we learn today?
  • Sometimes going slightly off course is a good thing and you find something unexpected that you haven’t seen before.
  • If you drop your torch, having it switched on makes it much easier to find when you go back for it. 
  • We still love diving, even if it is raining and the water is only 6 degrees!