Wednesday 17th December 
Monks Walk School, Welwyn Garden City

Please bring swim-wear, a towel and a T-shirt

1930 - 1935 :  Mid Herts update
1935 - 2015 :  Classroom presentation (room B100 in Babbage Block)
Lifejackets including fitting, features and maintenance
Liferafts including types, launching and survival packs
Sea Survival including grab bags, conserving heat and survival swimming

2030 - 2130 :  Practical demonstration in the pool 
Demo including liferaft launch, getting in without getting wet and righting the liferaft
Practical including floating with lifejacket in HELP Position, survival swim, entering the liferaft and group crocodile swim
IF TIME volunteers can invert liferaft

2145 + :  Everyone is invited to attend "The Globe" Codicote for some apres pool refreshments
Joint event with SOCA and Mid Herts Divers