1. Dates: Monday 10th October 2022 to Monday 17th October 2022 (actually arrives  back 0110 Tuesday 18th) from/to Gatwick airport to Hurghada, Egypt. 
2. Price £1693 per person all in including Egyptian visas & environmental taxes. Extras for those that want it would be Nitrox for £70, 15 litre cylinder, for £45, standard is  a 12 litre cylinder and trip insurance. This price includes BSAC membership discount and a discount if we get 11 or more members to come along.  
3. ITINERARY HIGHLIGHTS (from Regal Diving website)
Best of Wrecks allows divers who love wrecks to dive just that, so really anyone who has an active interest in wreck diving will love this itinerary. However, it is also interesting to bear in mind is that many of these Red Sea wrecks have been underwater for a very long time and have formed what you might call 'artificial reefs', teeming with life. This itinerary would therefore be enjoyed by all divers, not just the wreckies amongst us!
SS. Thistlegorm
Probably the most famous of the Red Sea wrecks. The 129m English Freighter was bombed by German aviation on 6th October 1941. Today she creates an artificial reef on a sandy bottom at 32m max depth. She is home to an enormous variety of marine life and is especially popular with large schooling fish. 
Abu Nuhas
Also known as the 'Ships Graveyard', this reef is dangerously positioned close to the busy shipping lanes of the Gulf of Suez. This reef has claimed more ships than any other in the area. On the north side are four wrecks laying on a sandy seafloor at the bottom of a steep sloping reef layered with table corals. On the south side is a safe anchorage for liveaboards and two ergs, known as Yellow fish reef.
Ghiannus D - Abu Nuhas
In 26m of water and leaning to port with a fully intact stern section and an impressive engine room packed with glass fish.
Carnatic - Abu Nuhas
A British P&O steamer which struck the reef in 1869. She lays in 29m and now the whole hull is draped in multicoloured soft corals. The wreck is home to glass fish, octopus, morays, jacks and tuna cruise overhead.
Salem Express- Safaga
Wreck enthusiasts are often drawn to Safaga to visit the Salem Express, an Egyptian passenger ferry that sank on its return journey from Mecca in 1991. 300 victims perished in one of the greatest marine tragedies of all time. This is a stunning site but a dive that is generally considered one for reflection rather than pleasure.

Big Brother
A 400 metre long island offering fabulous wreck diving and wall diving. The wreck of the Numidia lies on the northern tip between 10 and 80 metres. The north-west side of the island houses the wreck of the Aida. Every section of this reef is covered with corals and life.

4. Boat - MY Blue Horizon aka Red Sea Master, one of the newest in the Red Sea. See website https://www.regal-diving.co.uk/my-blue-horizon-aka-red-sea-master for details.

Next steps.
1. Ask questions, its important that you are comfortable with our offering and that we can get commitment from a minimum of 11 members to achieve this price.
2. Please confirm to Clive that you are up for this. We'll need a deposit from you to secure the booking. - we're happy to take stage payments including for the balance to ease things