Mid Herts Divers enjoyed a weekend of diving Pembroke...

Up there with the best of UK diving. Day one High Point North and Behar wreck and reef. Day two Watic reef and Dakotian wreck. Friendly skipper of Predator www.dive-pembrokeshire.com and Upper Neeston Bunkhouse was a great place to stay. A very enjoyable weekend. TW


Amazing weekend with good wrecks, good viz and a great group of people. Overall lots of fun, looking forward to the next club trip :) JH

This was one of the best weekend’s diving I have had. Great weather, clear vis and some very enjoyable dives. The wrecks are great, full of light and life, and some very nice examples of UK reefs. RD

Pembroke is a really interesting location, down the M4 into Wales to the end of the motorway, keep going as far west as you can before hitting the sea, a long journey! The boat leaves from the Marina at Neyland but its a long way out to the open sea at St Anne's head and round to Skomer and Skokholm Islands. The river estuary is called Milford Haven and does what the name implies, it is one of the largest sheltered areas in the British Isles for ships to keep out of the way of poor weather. The weather forecast for the weekend wasn't very good but we went anyway and managed to get in four decent dives. The first we managed to sneak out of the Haven round towards Skomer but the remaining three dives we dived in the Haven under the shelter of the headland doing both wreck and scenic dives. CM

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