We've just launched a new text service using ScubaText. It allows everyone who's opted-in to send and receive text messages to everyone else!

You only need to send 1 message from your phone (charged at your standard rate) and everyone will receive it!

This is perfect for notifying club members of last-minute changes of plan (who us!?) or passing on important news. e.g.

"Arlesey divers: Meet at 0730 instead of 0700 at the gate. Keith"

"One space has now available on Brighton Dive this Saturday. Contact Clive if you're interested. Ray"

"No school this weekend. Pool out of order. Clive"

"Scubashop offering 20% discount on Mares regs - get down there now!. Paul"

To opt-into the service, text SUBSCRIBE MHDIVE to 07797 801 661

Once you've opted-in, send a message with the prefix MHDIVE to the same number and everyone will get it.

Everyone will receive this and it may not be relevant to them. An idea to overcome this would be to prefix your message with "FAO: " (for the attention of) or the target audience i.e. "Arlesey Divers:" followed by your message then put your name at the end. e.g.

MHDIVE Swanage divers: Come to the school on Wednesday for a briefing. Thanks Pete

If you have any questions about the service, either have a look at www.ScubaText.com or send me an email.