Today is the only day of the year we can dive Arlesey at 8 o’clock real time 7 o’clock. A nice morning, with plenty of blue sky for a dive with Darius Augustinsavicius.

The dive plan was to survey the two huts and the pump unit. We went in at the slipway and headed south to the 6m platform, then swimming below the line to the 10m platform, from here we went east to the wall following the lake bed. At the wall we headed south and by the pump unit we picked up the line to the deep boat where the catfish is, not that I have ever seen it. We found the visibility poor, about 1 meter plus and not a catfish to be found, at 10.4m this is the deepest part of our dive.

From here back to the complete hut on the south side of the pump unit. We explored both huts and the pump hole, also the up turned car near the more damaged hut. From here we followed the guide line to the east side bogies, we then travelled northwest making sure we kept to the deep side of the shallow bank, around 4m, once clear of the shallow bank we headed north to our exit point. 
Fish life we saw were a couple of nice pike, small perch and roach. A good dive of 58 minutes with lots of compass work and it’s only just gone 8.15am!

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