At the pool session tonight we went through line laying techniques so divers could understand the principles and practice in a safe environment.
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We started with a demonstration on dry land by Chris, who walked us through the techniques on safely laying lines while diving, and the do's and don'ts etc.  We then all had a practice so we had an idea of what we would be doing once we were in the water.

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Once we had all had a practice outside, it was time to kit up and get in the pool. Chris and Paul laid out some poles in the pool with weights attached to provide us with anchor points. Divers were buddied up and we took turns with one diver laying out the line and the other following, making sure to wait for your buddy at the relevant junction points.

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Once we had all got some practice in, divers took turns with a black out mask. This was to simulate black out conditions, so we could get an idea of using a line to find our way if there was very poor, or in this case, zero visibility.

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