Spaces are still available.

The dive will be conducted by London Hyperbaric Medicine at Whipps Cross Hospital in London. Cost is £40 pp.

We need to arrive at the chamber at 10:30am. Whipps cross hospital is awkward to get to from Hertfordshire via public transport so we recommend driving. The drive will take just under an hour and parking at the hospital will cost approx £6 per vehicle.

We will arrive at the dive chamber where we will be given a brief about the dive. We will change into scrubs and enter the chamber with a member of staff. The course lasts approx 4 hours. There will be a chamber dive to 40 metres, this will involve a small test at depth and other pressure related experiments are shown. After the dive there will be a DCI presentation, and a tour of the facility.

A self certified medical certificate is required hard copies available on Wednesday. No hair gel/make up is to be worn during the dive. Please bring cameras but ensure they have adequate protection to 40m. Bring a bag to place clothes and belongings in.