Social Media Evening

Thank you to Russell for hosting a great Evening explaining our different social media platforms. I have pulled together the below tool kit from the session

There were 3 aims with the session
1. To enhance and promote the club perception externally
2. Update and communicate to the club the platforms we as a club can and should use for
members both internally and externally.
3. Teach members how they can get involved in promoting the club on social media

We have 2 Facebook locations for us as a club
1. Mid Herts Divers Members Group
members.png 626.39 KB
This is our Facebook group, this group is just for member’s vetted friends of the club to post only. This is where we can share information on upcoming trips, club nights and social events. This is also a place for our members to socialise and share articles, chat and ask questions. This is open for external visitors to view content.

You can click the notifications box to be alerted when a member posts to the group
Notifications.png 6.84 KB
Please do join in, share content “like” and comment on the posts in group. We are sociable group and we want to see what you’ve been up to. Please share any photographs you’ve taken, interesting articles you’ve been reading and videos you’ve stumbled across.

 2. Mid Herts Divers Facebook Page
Our other Facebook page is public facing and is where we can promote the club and activities we get up to, share interesting and relevant articles and in turn recruit new members.

facebook page.png 456.64 KB

Members cannot post into this page and this is moderated by the clubs’ committee.

The more we can post the more inviting the club becomes to prospective new divers. We want to highlight the clubs activities and show that we are an active, inclusive and fun community.

You can like the page by visiting and clicking the "Like" button. You can also “follow” the page to get notifications when we post to the page.
like.png 5.27 KB

Please do “like” and “follow” this page and “like“ and “share” the content with you friends on Facebook. The more content you like and share the more people we can reach across Facebook. You can do this using the buttons at the bottom of each post.   
like comment share.png 9.85 KB
Due to the promotion and paid ad’s we did around the new year we have quite a big following on this page and we need to keep this momentum going. We have not posted much in the last couple of months understandably. We need to post regularly so that we can encourage prospective new members and show that we are an active club.

If you have any images, articles or stories to share please post these in the members only Facebook group and we can share these on the public page. We’d be really interested to see your photos from past trips and from club nights. The more content we collect from you, the more we have to share.

All members should be able to access the website here
This is a great place again to promote the club by making sure we add articles regularly as this is open externally to viewers.

After any trips please do a write up and send this to Russell or Tanya who will upload onto the website.

For external visitors you can click on the button “Learn To Dive” to sign up for a “Free Try Dive”.

We also have an Instagram page
For those of you who use Instagram, please “follow” us. We are developing our presence on the platform. Watch this space over the coming months.

“What’s App”
There is a “What’s App” group created by the club.
If you have the App or wish to download and join the club group.
A secure media to communicate to club member’s although there will be some members who are not active users of the App.

We have a group email set up for external visitors to ask questions and sign up for “Free Try Dives”. [email protected] – for “Try Dives” and external enquiries.
This is a long list which shows what great tools we have in place to develop and grow the club.

Kind Regards 
Simon Fitt-Stirling 
Mid Herts Divers