Mid Herts Divers club night at Hatfield Swim Centre saw a Basic Life Support refresher for members. The event was well attended and a good opportunity for members to brush up on these essential skills. Mark and Clive took us through the essentials of Basic Life Support, BLS using a couple of club resuscitation manikins for Cardiac Compressions and Rescue Breaths. Part the way through, the "Annie" manikins were swapped for live volunteers to practice putting a casualty into the recovery position and dealing with a casualty vomiting. We then had a Q&A session including the practicalities of dealing with bleeding, burns and fractures.
From the questions received, everyone was fully engaged in ensuring that these key skills were practiced and up to date. 
We plan to continue with a refresher for the Automated External Defibrillator AED use and in the early New Year to refresh Oxygen Administration. With these sessions, we hope to ensure that all members are competent in BLS, Oxygen Administration, AED and First Aid and Lifesaver.