Darius attended MHD for a try dive in early December. He was very keen to get back in the water following an unsatisfactory try dive elsewhere and his perseverance paid off.

Following our usual try dive format we began in standing depth with kitting up and equipment familiarisation. Inflating BC and surface finning on backs was followed by descending, weight check and adjusting buoyancy to hover. Starting shallow with finning practice underwater we slowly swam between different depths. Darius quickly had a good grasp of buoyancy control.

A few basic skills back in standing depth, including partial mask and DV clearing showed confidence. Following some more underwater finning Darius was willing to descend the 3.6m pit where he finned and changed depth with confidence. The try dive culminated in a slow, controlled vertical ascent.

Congratulations to Darius on a very successful try dive. We are pleased to report that he is joining MHD and BSAC and is looking forward to starting his Ocean Diver training in the new year.

Darius will be at Hatfield Pool on Wednesday evening, come along and welcome him to MHD.