Its that time again and I'm planning our annual dive to Nemo:33 in Brussels !

For those new to the club or who weren't around last year, Nemo:33 is Europe's deepest pool. It's 35 metres deep, filled with fresh water (no chlorine) and maintained at a pleasant 33 degrees C.

Although the pool goes down to 35 metres, Ocean Divers can still come along as long as they're accompanied by a qualified Sports Diver (or above). Ocean Divers however are restricted to diving no deeper than 20m.

Dives cost 22 € each and all kit is provided. You're allowed to bring your own mask, computer and compact camera.

Like last year, I'll also be organising lunch. Nemo:33 have a great Thai restaurant and the set menu is 22 € per person.

We'll be taking the train to Kings Cross, then onto the Eurostar to Brussels Gare du Midi. The Eurostar fare is £59 return.

The trip will go ahead on Saturday 28th february 2009.

For those that read French (and like horrible websites) have a look here:

You can also see a video of our last trip to Nemo:33 on our videos page

If you're interested in attending, please contact me ASAP so I can start booking the Eurostar tickets. It's important we have an even number of divers as we must all dive in pairs.

If anyone would like any further information, please contact me.