Congratulations to Rosey for becoming the first Mid Herts Divers members to achieve the black belt standard at the Buoyancy & Trim Workshop on Saturday 31st January.

Having done the classroom sessions, Rosey, Mike Page and Clive ventured out for an early morning start at Stoney to complete the practical dives for the newly launched BSAC Buoyancy & Trim Workshop.

Although the prognosis was not good for this Workshop at at the end of January, the bottom car park at Stoney was available, the water was clear and the sun shone. The water temperature was 5 degrees which was just bearable.

The Workshop was conducted along with a deep dive and wreck  penetration dive and Dive Leader training involving four other Mid Herts Divers and two guest divers including Chris Hazell who brilliantly undertook the Dive Leader training.

Mike & Clive will be finishing of the black belt bits that they were unable to achieve and catch Paul up over the next few weeks.

A good and successful day all round!